Academy and Music Festival of Tequila.

From 12th to 21st of August 2016.

Tequila, Jalisco, México.

Learn from the best teachers in the world!

JOSE CUERVO FOUNDATION brings together leading artists and music teachers, from the most internationally prestigious music institutions, to carry out the week-long masterclasses, concerts and events of the Festival Cultural de Tequila 2016.

You can take master classes in violin, cello, trumpet, piano, flute, operatic singing and fine Mexican song at the hands of artists of the stature of David Gowland, Jack Li Vigni, Nelly Miricioiu, Sergei Kravchenko, Vladislav Kovalsky and Eugene Osadchy.

Meet the teachers!

On this occasion, Professor Tatiana Bochkareva will accompany us as collaborative piano.


THE CULTURAL FESTIVAL OF TEQUILA , was created over 11 years ago by the Foundation Jose Cuervo A.C.. to promote educational and cultural development of the population of MAGIC TOWN OF TEQUILA.

The Festival of Tequila is performed on a stage that has been nominated by UNESCO as HERITAGE for its wonderful agave landscape and the facilities of the old farms and distilleries that created the drink that has given Mexico fame in the world. The town of Tequila in addition to producing national drink is one of the 13 natural wonders of Mexico for its impressive fields of agave (the plant from which tequila is extracted). The town of Tequila has already earned a place among the top tourist destinations in Mexico and the Festival is an instrument to support local development efforts as a way to ensure the development and education of the population.

With a schedule that is presented in open spaces such as the Municipal People's Square (base) and spaces indoors and the Crow Forum and the Municipal Theatre, the Festival has already created a niche visibility after 10 years carried out and invite international artists.
To celebrate 10 years of the Festival, we decided to launch a program lectures, workshops and seminars that besides enriching activities music school Tequila during the week-long Festival, provides an opportunity for many Mexican musicians to take specialized courses with such renowned teachers who visit us.

This festival is organized in celebration of the 150th anniversary of the founding of the conservatories of Moscow and Mexico.

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The tequila, more than any other drink, has become a symbol of Mexico and emblem of our identity and multicultural richness: born in pre-conquest times and transformed with the arrival of the Spaniards in the beverage of our land. Its history is linked inescapably to the history of Mexico and certainly synonymous with Mexican flavor has conquered the world: today the tequila has transcended our borders becoming one of the most popular drinks on an international level.